isoliererzeugnisse großröhrsdorf



The enterprise "isoliererzeugnisse großröhrsdorf gmbh" has a long history full of change. It was founded in 1845 as a tape weaving mill C.F.Schöne.

Our hometown Großröhrsdorf developed at the end of 19-th century to the head office of the tape industry of Saxony and how in numerous other enterprises, textile tapes for the many-sided application in the clothing branch, for technical purposes up to use as wreath loops tapes on rayon base became weaved.

Born from the relations after the 2-nd world war and the division of Germany there was a deficiency in corrosion prevention bandages for the wrapping of media-leading earth-moved steel pipelines in Eastern Germany. So they had begun to impregnate selfweaved tapes with modified bitumen and to coat. This was the entrance in the longer continuing change of the enterprise of the textile factory to the production of products for the civil engineering.

In 1972 the private enterprise was compulsive-nationalised. In the end of the 70s the textile production ran out. Further developed "Schöne"-corrosion prevention bandages had been the only products of this kind for decades in the GDR.

With the political turn in 1989/90 the enterprise positioned itself to the requirements of the competition in the market. Within short time important products for the pipe line construction received the German Institute for Standardization certificate. In 1992 the enterprise was privatised and the admission of the production of products on bitumen base occurred for the road construction and civil engineering, in particular from BIGUMA®-Tape.

Annual investment in technologies for production and storage and the continuously further development of existing products are garanties for a high flexibility and fast adjustment to changes in the market. Thats why are today ISO-Sealing- and Repair-Tapes multiple used products in Germany and all over the World.
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