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BIGUMA®-BAND is a polymer bituminous joint tape according to TL Fug-StB 01. Suitable for the sealing of connection in the asphalt road constructions sector as well as for connecting the connections between built -in layers even with different mixture proberties to built-in components and to concrete.
BIGUMA®-Plast is a seam bonding agent for the production of lasting bonds at the application of asphalt mixtures "hot to cold" in sheets in accordance with ZTV Asphalt-StB 01 or M SNAR. BIGUMA®-Plast is excellently suitable for the design of cross-seams at interruptions of work.
STRADAFIX is a ready-to-install solvent-based sealer with fine-grained minerals and is used as final cover for asphalt surfaces in accordance with ZTV BEA-ST-B and for the refreshment of designed asphalt coatings. The rejuvenantor is also used for the sealilng of rough and open-porous asphalt layers.
BIGUMA®-Joint sealants
BIGUMA®-joint sealants close permanently joints in concrete and asphalt pavements. Whether airport or highway, clamp silo or petrol station, cycle path or parking area, we have the tailor-made joint sealant for every field of application. Of course the products comply with all prevalent rules and standards such as EN 14188-1, TL Fug StB 01, SS-S-164. Please look for more information under